I'm Suzie and welcome to my blog!  If you are here reading this, then that means you are a little curious about me or so bored you have nothing better to do than to poke around my blog.  So I guess I'd better write something here otherwise you may never come back.

I'm a Southerner who was born and raised in Tennessee.  I moved to Philadelphia for work over 10 years ago and lived there for about a year and a half.  Then one day I decided to pack my bags and move to New Jersey (it's just across the river).  A couple of years ago I married my boyfriend of 9+ years and he's a Jersey native so looks like I'm here to stay. 

I used to have a blog that I started back in January of 2002 and posted to it daily until the middle of 2006.  I stopped blogging back then due to some unfortunate life happenings and circumstances.  For many reasons, I regretted not keeping my old blog up and had missed blogging.  So here I am again with a new URL out on the interwebz again. 

I write this blog for me, myself and I.  Because nobody else cares to listen to my ramblings (my husband gets tired of listening to me), I post my thoughts here on the world wide web. Perhaps someone will read what I have to write about.  These are my own personal thoughts and opinions on life, stuff and whatever comes to mind. 

Please don't swipe my stuff.  It's mine.  Write your own stuff.  And if you want to borrow or quote my stuff, please let me know.  Otherwise I'll be mad and upset and that's just plain not nice.

So a little more about me...
  • I have unhealthy obsessions with paper, post-it notes & flags, writing utensils, day planners & calendars, moleskine books, watches, and bags (totes and handbag types of bags, not grocery shopping types of bags
  • I love to read books but there never seems to be enough time for me to read
  • I love electronics and gadgets (I work in IT so it makes sense)
  • Lately, I have an obsession with Weight Watchers and counting the points of all the food I ingest (I lost 20+ lbs on WW before my wedding then went off and just started back up in June 2011)
  • I love the taste of food
  • I love to cook
  • I dislike cleaning up after cooking, but someone's got to do it (that'd be me)
  • I'm extremely particular about doing laundry and won't let my husband touch it
  • I absolutely dislike emptying the dishwasher
  • I love folding clean clothes that comes right out of the dryer
  • I love crafting
Okay.  enough of the about me list for now.  I'm sure I'll come back and update this page often, so be sure to check back!